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Max Wax Zipper Lubricant & Protector

Max Wax is a nontoxic, silicone-based zipper lubricant in a solid stick form. Max Wax provides maximum lubrication and protection for plastic, nylon, or metal zippers on gear bags, soft crates, luggage, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and more. Prevents zipper jamming. Maintains, protects, and prolongs zipper life. Waterproofs, seals, and prevents against abrasion, making Max Wax particular good for situations where gear is exposed or submerged in water. Contains no beeswax.

The formula suspends silicone in a hard paraffin wax which allows easy application to most (including irregular) surfaces. Just apply Max Wax to the zipper and then slide the zipper back and forth. The paraffin is designed to flake away leaving behind a light but effective silicone coat.

Can be used in conjunction with Zip Care Liquid Cleaner & Lubricant.

Packaging: 3/4 oz. stick 

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Price: $4.95


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