Zip Care Liquid Zipper Cleaner

Zip Care Liquid Zipper Cleaner




Zip Care Liquid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant is the ultimate zipper product. It's specialized silicone-free, biodegradable cleaning formula also provides a light lubricant so that zippers slide more easily, preventing zipper damage and significantly extending zipper life. Zip Care is ideal for use on plastic, nylon, or metal zippers on gear bags, soft crates, luggage, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and more. Zip Care's unique push-pull brush top removes harmful dirt, sand, and salt deposits that can damage zipper components. Zip Care is not tacky when dry so it doesn't attract dirt.

Use brush in closed position to clean dirt and debris. With brush in open position, squeeze bottle and apply a modest amount of Zip Care to zipper. Move zipper slider repeatedly across zipper to evenly distribute emulsion. Wipe away excess using disposable rag. Allow tent and other land-use equipment zippers to dry before storing.

Can be used in conjunction with Max Wax.

Packaging: 2 oz. bottle with brush cap applicator

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