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Cloud Protective Collars

Cloud Protective Collars


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The Cloud Collar is an inflatable protective collar that is a major improvement over traditional Elizabethan collars or cones. It is soft, comfortable, and doesn't interfere with a dog's peripheral vision or his ability to eat and drink. It is great for dogs recovering from surgery or dogs with wounds or rashes that need to heal.

Cloud Collars are washable, scratch- and bite-resistant, and will not mark up floors or furniture. We used a Cloud Collar on one of the office dogs after she had stitches put in, and she was quite comfortable in it—no problems with going in and out of her crate, she was comfortable curling up in her dog bed, and she could even play while wearing it. Designed for pet use only. Not intended to be used as a flotation device.

Available in five sizes.

Breed size reference: Toys breeds, cats
Neck circumference: Up to 6"

Breed size reference: Jack Russells, Shelties
Neck circumference: 6-10"

Breed size reference: Border Collies, Spaniels
Neck circumference: 10-13"

Breed size reference: Labs, Golden Retrievers
Neck circumference: 13-18"

Breed size reference: Rotties, Mastiffs, Great Danes
Neck circumference: 18" and up

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