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Protect your dog from the sun! Canine Cool Coats are made by Saratoga Horseworks from the same Oasis fabric used for their horse turnout sheets. Oasis fabric is a 100% polyester mesh that offers superior durability while at the same being soft, breathable, and coat friendly. It is an extremely reflective fabric that offers UV-protection (blocking both UVA and UVB radiation) so it will help keep your dog cool even when the coat is dry. For additional cooling, submerge the Cool Coat in cool water prior to use. If it dries out, refresh it with just a spray of water. Unlike other fabrics used for cool coats, Oasis does not become oversaturated and heavy. If needed, a fan blowing over the coat increases the cooling power dramatically. However, please monitor your dog as he could actually become too cool. Easy to use and maintain. Color is white with colored trim.

Trim Colors: Due to the demand for these coats, we cannot guarantee that we will always have all trim colors available in every size. If getting the coat quickly is a priority over trim color, then please mark the checkbox next to the "Allow color substitutions?" question on the right. If you only want the coat if it's available in a particular trim color, then do not check the box; we will backorder the coat and ship it when it's in stock.

How the Cool Coat Fits: The Cool Coat goes over the dog's head and buckles in front of the chest. It has a separate adjustable belly band that is secured around your dog's girth with Velcro attachments.

How to Measure Your Dog: Be sure that your dog is standing squarely, with head up, and is looking straight ahead. Following the contour of the dog's back closely, measure from the base of his neck (the point where the neck joins the body) to the base of his tail (the point where the tail joins the body).

Round up or down to the next even number of inches, taking tail carriage into consideration—for dogs with very high tail carriage, choose the next smaller size. If you are uncertain, call or email us for assistance.

Most dogs fit in the standard coat without a problem. If, however, you have a dog with a very deep or narrow chest, then we also suggest measuring his girth so that we can give you a custom belly band for the coat. To do this, measure around the dog’s rib cage directly behind his front legs and over the withers.

If the dog's girth measurement is larger than what's indicated in the chart below for his correct Cool Coat size, then please enter his girth size when you order this item. We will send you a belly band based on that information.

  • Size 8 fits girth sizes 18-19"
  • Size 10 fits girth sizes 19-20"
  • Size 12 fits girth sizes 20-22"
  • Size 14 fits girth sizes 22-24"
  • Size 16 fits girth sizes 22-26" 
  • Size 18 fits girth sizes 24-26"
  • Size 20 fits girth sizes 26-28"
  • Size 22 fits girth sizes 28-30"
  • Size 24 fits girth sizes 30-34"
  • Size 26 fits girth sizes 32-36"
  • Size 28 fits girth sizes 34-38"
  • Size 30 fits girth sizes 36-40"
  • Size 32 fits girth sizes 40-42"
  • Size 34 fits girth sizes 44-46"
  • Size 36 fits girth sizes 48-50"
  • Size 38 fits girth sizes 50-52"

Let the Cool Coat dry completely prior to storage.

  • Attach the Velcro belly band to the coat when not in use and also when machine washing the coat.
  • Machine wash on gentle cyle (cool water) using a mild detergent; line dry.

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