Junior Handlers

It Takes a Community
If someone told me when I was nine years old that when I was twelve I would travel to Austria as a member of the first US European Open Junior team to compete in the European Open Junior World Championships with my dog, Ama, I would not have believed them. My experience in Austria was one I will never forget, but every success starts with a journey.

Junior Handler Programs: The Future of the Sport
It is said that junior handlers are the future of agility, and indeed it is so. Many clubs want to encourage participation by juniors, and many make a good effort. Some clubs have been discouraged in their efforts to offer junior handler classes, when the entry is not immediately large. But a great junior handler program takes effort. It isn’t going to happen if the only thing the club does is to offer junior handler classes at their USDAA, NADAC, or CPE trials, or recognize juniors for qualifying scores in regular classes at AKC trials. It is going to take more effort to see results.