by Deb Jones


Teaching FOCUS and Impulse-control Classes

By Deb Jones

The following documents are designed to accompany the 2011 series of articles in Clean Run magazine.

April 2011 Issue

"A flyer should include clear and relevant information. Tell potential students why they might need the class, what the general content of the class is, when and where the class is held, and who to contact to register or get more information. Nice graphics can make the flyer more appealing as well. If you take some time to develop the initial flyer, you will find that you can use it repeatedly with great success."

Click here for a PDF file of a sample flyer that you can tailor to your needs.

"Once I have heard back from all the students I send them information in preparation for the first class. The initial information sheet helps us start the first class with minimal confusion and distraction. We clarify our training philosophy and methods (positive) very specifically so that there is no confusion. We provide our policies regarding acceptable and necessary equipment. We make our expectations for canine behavior and control very clear. This class is about developing a working relationship between dog and trainer. It is not a social event for people or dogs. We want our students to come to class prepared for success from the very start."

Click here for a PDF file of a sample information sheet that you can tailor to your needs.