Agility Organizations

A-frame Height Quick Reference
Because the required height adjustments among the various agility organizations are not consistent, particularly for small dogs, it has become increasingly difficult to know what height to set the A-frame. This document contains the A-frame heights of the different US agility organizations. A Word file is included within the PDF so that you can edit it to include the heights for the organizations your club, school, or group participates in. Laminate the list and then attach the sheet to the underside of the A-frame on the adjustment side so that it is readily available for consultation whenever a height change needs to be made.

UKI—A New Frontier
This new-to-the-US organization is being well received

How to Start Your Own Agility League
It’s a glorious day for agility, not too warm, not too cool, and a gentle breeze wafts through the car window as you turn into the parking lot. The gravel crunches under your tires as you pull into a parking spot, and the other handlers wave and greet you by name. You set up your dog’s crate under the shade of an apple tree and grab some snacks set up on a nearby bench for everyone to nibble on. You head for the ring to walk the course, where a speaker blasts out well-loved agility tunes like “Jump” and “Life Is A Highway.” You swap course strategies with everyone else as you walk, talking a lot and laughing even more, and the judge hums and sways with the music as she makes a few final tweaks. Are you wondering who puts on this fantastic trial so you can mark it on your calendar for next year?

United Kingdom Agility Goes International
Greg and Laura Derrett are bringing their agility organization to North America...