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Weave Poles

Nail Down Your Weave Entries
Over time humans have discovered that continual repetitive behaviors are an open invitation for physical problems. For dogs, continually drilling weave poles can bring about the same kind of physical injuries. Therefore, once the weave poles are trained and the dog can confidently and accurately complete 12 poles on both my right side and left side, my focus turns to entry training.

A New Twist on Training with 2x2 Weaves
I have been using the 2 x 2 weave method, originally developed by Susan Garrett, since its inception seven years ago. I personally find it to be a brilliant method to teach dogs an understanding of entries. Here I will present my own technique for training with 2 x 2 weave poles. I think this new process is simple for the handler to work through and I find the dog’s learning and understanding is exceptional.

Concerns about Weave Pole Spacing
Over the years I have become aware of many otherwise healthy athletic agility dogs in their prime with shoulder tendon, knee, or back injuries (especially mid and lower back), some chronic, where no trauma had been observed. Could these strains be due to repetitive stress, and could tight weaving be the major contributing factor for these injuries?

Weaving: A Veterinarian’s Perspective
Whether it’s fast and furious or slow and rhythmical, perfect execution of weave poles is something agility competitors strive for. Did you ever stop to think about why it is the hardest obstacle to learn, what stresses and challenges the dog’s body endures during performance, or how the dog’s conformation and weaving style may create risk factors for injury?