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Judge's Debriefing: UKI U.S. Open Masters Series Final
Judging at the UKI U.S. Open was a huge honour and something I was excited to be a part of. The whole event was well run and efficient, pitting many of the top US handlers against each other over a selection of courses. The Masters Series Final course was one of my favourite courses of the weekend.

Another Road Less Traveled: Becoming an Agility Judge
Becoming an agility judge… People in the agility community don’t realize there is far more to the process then the “official” part. So I wanted to share my journey in writing. Before I started down this road, I did a great deal of thinking about the pros and cons of being a judge. It was a long time before I even hinted to anyone that I had aspirations. Telling someone about this great new goal, even your closest friend, is like venturing to the edge of a cliff... So what did I think about while I contemplated becoming an agility judge?.

Standard Course Time Summary
In the July 2015 installment of the Judge's Eye series in Clean Run magazine, author Cindy Deak wrote: "As we finish up our study on wheeling and course times, I’d like to share with you a very handy document that was created by an ASCA agility judge and longtime agility enthusiast Gary Shipley. I found the information in this document (a fascinating read since it combines all of the information into one document. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did." We have included a PDF of the handout here.