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Ideas for Getting Volunteers to Step Up

By Jillian Rankin

Great agility trials don’t just happen, they are made! Chances are if you have a favorite trial it is because of many little things that have come together that make the whole experience a special event that keeps you coming back year after year. I like to say that a well-oiled trial committee is like a duck—nice and calm on the surface with their feet paddling away furiously under the water. What keeps this duck afloat is a pool of great volunteers who step up to help out! So why do some clubs seemingly have a never-ending pool of volunteers while others are pulling out their hair to get to the end of the day?


2011 Texas Agility Shoot-Out
Texan agility competitors raise money for canine cancer research.

Fundraising for K9 Cancer Gets Down & Dirty
Judges and competitors run an agility course to raise money for canine cancer research.