2013 North American Dog Agility Council Championships

By Brenna Fender

Photos courtesy of NADAC via NADAC competitors

The NADAC Championships were held on September 26-29 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds' Coliseum in Springfield, Illinois. NADAC describes their championship event as both a competition and a "celebration of achievement in NADAC agility," open to dog and handler teams of all ages, levels, and divisions who meet the eligibility requirements for entry. The event was presided over by lead judge Ron Young from North Carolina, with several other judges lending support when needed.

The event was exciting and enjoyable for participants. Chris Mosely, who competed with her Pembroke Welsh Corgis, DDare and Winn, says, "I have been to a whole bunch of NADAC Champs events. Every time... I come home convinced it was the best one yet, and this year I felt the same way. Old friends, new friends, great runs, and great memories." Frances Hannan, who, along with her 10-year-old Border Collie, Wednesday, attended her first NADAC Championships this year, agrees: "Being at NADAC Champs was an awesome experience... The atmosphere was very charged but also supportive, everyone was there to have the best time that they possibly could, and qualifying/winning/showing off was not the point at all. The whole arena was decked out in purple, and there was even more purple and glitz in the decorated stalls areas. The surface was well groomed, and dogs and handlers were given plenty of space to get in the groove before their runs, with several staging stations on the way to the line…. It was great to catch up with people we haven’t seen for many years, meet some of the legendary NADAC people, and see the awesome distance work—not only by the very top teams but also by the up and coming teams in StartersStakes."

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Double Digit Champions (for dogs 10 years and older)

4" & 8": Traci Bruchok and Kant

12" & 16": Ed Scharringhausen and Tank

Regular Agility Veteran/Junior Handler Division Champions (Veterans is for dogs age 7 years up to 10 years and for handlers age 60 and over. Junior Handlers are age 17 and under.

4" & 8": Jean Radish and Jordan

12": Paula Goss and Trae

16": Deb Baracco and Jet

Regular Agility Standard Division Champions

4" & 8": Devorah Sperber and Lil

12": Bernie Doyle and Driven

16": Debi Hutchinson and Gab

20": Nicolette Eaton and Canon

Triple Crown Division: Billie Rosen and Klev’r

StarterStakes Division: Amanda Nelson and Nargles

SilverStakes Division: Jeannie Biggers and Saige

SuperStakes Division: Amanda Nelson and Tr

(Starter-, Silver-, and Superstakes are divided based on distance handling required, with Superstakes requiring the most distance.)