Free Shipping on Orders over $120
Free Shipping on Orders over $120

Advertising in Clean Run


Download Our Media Kit & Instructions for Preparing Ads

All of the information about our demographics as well as the specifications for how to properly prepare and submit your advertisement are available in our media kit. Click here to view or download it now.

Ad Rates & Sizes

The discounted rate for multiple placements of the same ad is also provided (10% for 3 or more placements and 20% for 12 or more).

Size Width Height 1x Rate 3x Rate 12x Rate
Full page B&W 8.125" 10.875" $600 $540 $480
Full page Color 8.125" 10.875" $800 $720 $640
1/2 horizontal B&W 7.25" 4.75" $365 $328 $292
1/2 horizontal Color 7.25" 4.75" $485 $436 $388
1/2 vertical B&W 3.5" 9.75" $365 $328 $292
1/2 vertical Color 3.5" 9.75" $485 $436 $388
1/3 horizontal B&W 7.25" 3" $265 $238 $212
1/3 horizontal Color 7.25" 3" $355 $320 $284
1/3 vertical B&W 2.25" 9.75" $265 $238 $212
1/3 vertical Color 2.25" 9.75" $355 $320 $284
1/4 page B&W 3.5" 4.75" $215 $193 $172
1/4 page Color 3.5" 4.75" $285 $256 $228
1/8 horizontal B&W 3.5" 2.25" $125 $112 $100
1/8 horizontal Color 3.5" 2.25" $165 $148 $132
Inside cover B&W 8.125" 10.875" $700 $640 $560
Inside cover Color 8.125" 10.875" $900 $810 $720
Back cover Color 8.125" 10.875" $1000 $900 $800
  • Your ad will appear in both the printed magazine and in the digital edition. Within the digital edition any website URLs included in your ad will be "live."
  • The rates apply only to camera-ready ads. There is a $30 setup charge for ads that are not camera-ready.
  • You may request specific page placement for an ad. We will do the best we can to meet your needs, but we will not guarantee preferred page placement unless you pay an additional fee of $100.
  • Payment in U.S. funds must accompany submission of advertising materials unless you are committing to a one-year contract, in which case we will invoice you.
  • Reservations are not necessary unless you want inside cover or back cover positioning. For all other ads, just submit the ad materials by the closing date specified to be sure that your ad is included in that issue.

Ad Closing Dates

The closing date for advertising materials and payment to arrive in the office is the 15th of each month. This applies even if the 15th of the month falls on a weekend. Because there is no mail delivery to the office on the weekend, you will need to be sure that your ad arrives on Friday. These dates are not negotiable.

Magazine Issue Closing Date for Ads
January Nov. 15, 3:00 pm EST
February Dec. 15, 3:00 pm EST
March Jan. 15, 3:00 pm EST
April Feb. 15, 3:00 pm EST
May Mar. 15, 3:00 pm EST
June Apr. 15, 3:00 pm EST
July May. 15, 3:00 pm EST
August Jun. 15, 3:00 pm EST
September Jul. 15, 3:00 pm EST
October Aug. 15, 3:00 pm EST
November Sep. 15, 3:00 pm EST
December Oct. 15, 3:00 pm EST

If you submit the ad before the 15th, you will not hear from us regarding whether there are any problems with the ad until after the 15th. We have included time in the schedule for us to work with you to fix any problems.

Sending Your Ad or Photos to Us

If your file is less than 5 MB in size, you can email it to If, however, you have a number of files, or your files are larger than 5MB, please use the free service WeTransfer to deliver your print-ready ad to us, or to send photos and graphics if we’re setting up the ad for you. On the WeTransfer website, specify as the recipient for the file.

If you are a Dropbox user, you can send files to us with that service. Just share the files to

After sending us your files, send an email to to, making sure that you include all of the information listed under “Checklist: Information You Need to Include With Your Ad.”


  • File size should not be a problem with WeTransfer; you can send files up to 2 GB in size. If you are using DropBox, the only limitation is the size allowed by your account. The free basic account allows 2 GB of storage.
  • Preferably, multiple files should be compressed into a single file with Stuffit, PKZip, or WinZip. 

Paying for Your Ad

Payment must accompany submission of your ad materials.

  • To pay by check, mail a check or money order in U.S. funds to Clean Run, 17 Industrial Dr., South Hadley, MA 01075. Payment must arrive by the ad closing date.

Checklist: Information to Include with Your Ad

When you submit your ad materials, you must supply the following information to us either by email, phone, or mail:

  • Ad title or advertiser name—for example, Rover MACH Ad or ABC Agility Equipment. Please refer to this name in all correspondence with the office and when making arrangements for payment.
  • Issue you want the ad to appear in
  • How many times you want the ad to run, if you want to run it more than once
  • Ad size
  • Ad orientation (horizontal or vertical) for 1/3 page or 1/2 page ads
  • Color or black & white
  • Your email address and day time phone number
  • Email address and day time phone number of the person who prepared the ad, if someone other than yourself
  • Releases from the photographer(s) of photos being used in the ad, giving you permission to reproduce those photos. If the photos were not shot by professionals and no credit is necessary, you must still send us an email or note stating this fact.

Contacting Us About Your Ad

When contacting us about your ad, please note the following:

  • All email correspondence regarding ads should be directed to and not to the customer service email address or anyone's personal email address. The best way to correspond with us about any concerns or problems other than payment is by email.
  • Even if you submit your ad before the deadline for an issue, do not expect to hear from us regarding your ad until after the 15th of the month.
  • The graphic designer who works on the ads lives on the West Coast and works for us part-time. She is available for questions only via e-mail: All questions regarding the design and layout of your ad should be directed to this e-mail address.
  • If you have a payment question, please email or call (800) 311-6503 and ask to speak to Pam Green.