Finding Your Classes

There are two ways to find your Clean Run Learning Center purchases. When you purchase a course, lesson, video, or webinar, we send you an email with a link to that classroom. You must click on the link to complete enrollment. If you don’t receive the email or can’t find it, then you must use the Clean Run website to find your purchase and finish enrollment. Once you have completed enrollment, you can find your purchases through either the Clean Run website or the Clean Run Learning Center.

The instructions are listed below or you can download a PDF file.

Use the Clean Run Website

  • Go to and click on the Sign In link at the top of the screen near the shopping cart icon and then sign in to your website account.
  • The website will display the My Account page. In the Learning Center box, click View my classes. (If you have already signed into the website, you can select My Classes/Webinars from the My Account menu at the top of the screen. Both are shown in the screenshot below.)

  • A screen will appear that lists all of your purchases. Click the View Class link for the course you want to go to. The Learning Center will display the enrollment page for the course, if you haven’t already completed enrollment. If you have completed enrollment, you will automatically go to the main course page.


Use the Clean Run Learning Center

Go to and select My Learning Library from the menu at the top of the screen. All of the courses you have registered for will be displayed. 

NOTE: If you recently paid for a course, but do not see it listed, then you haven’t completed registration. You do this by clicking on the link provided in your email confirmation for the course. If you don’t have this email, then follow the instructions above for using the Clean Run website to access the course. When you click on the View Class link for the course, you will automatically be directed to complete registration and then the course will appear in your Learning Library.