Free Shipping on Orders over $120
Free Shipping on Orders over $120

Tell-A-Friend Bonus Program


Refer a Friend, Classmate, or Student and Get Rewarded!

No one can represent CLEAN RUN better than our subscribers. Tell your friends, classmates, or students about CLEAN RUN. If they purchase a subscription to the magazine, we add a 1 month bonus to your current subscription. And those bonus months can add up! If we receive 10 referrals from you, you will receive an additional 2-month bonus—that's a free year of CLEAN RUN.

Just tell the person subscribing to put your name in the box that says "Who told you about CLEAN RUN?" or to make a comment on their online or mailed order form. If they are calling the subscription in, tell them to be sure to mention your name during the call.


  • In order to get the referral bonus, the referring name must be mentioned at the time the subscription order is placed.
  • Only new subscriptions qualify; not renewals unless the subscription has lapsed.