FitPAWS Dog Sport Egg Balls --Only 65cm Available--

FitPAWS Dog Sport Egg Balls --Only 65cm Available--


$51.95 - $80.95

Sometimes referred to theraballs, balance balls, fitness balls, gymnastics balls, or Swiss balls, exercise balls are a great tool for working on core strengthening for canines and humans alike. The uneven egg shape and the smooth surface of the FitPAWS Dog Sports Egg Ball creates more dynamic movement than a FitPAWS Peanut (the FitPAWS Egg moves from side to side as well as back and forth), creating a more advanced challenge for the dog that is experienced with ball work. You can also modify the challenge by increasing or decreasing the inflation of the egg.

The FitPAWS Dog Sport Egg Balls are strong, resilient exercise balls made from heavy-duty nonslip vinyl and weight tested to 880 lbs. The surface provides superior gripping and resists damage caused by dog nails. Each FitPAWS Dog Sport Egg Ball comes with

  • A FREE air pump
  • A FREE training DVD

Select the size that will allow your dog to stand on the Egg Ball with a neutral back (no roach or arch in the back):

For Natural
Length at
Max Inflation
Height at
Max Inflation
65cm up to 24" length 32.75" 25.5"
85cm up to 30" length 42" 33.5"

Note: The FitPAWS Dog Sport Egg Balls are shipped uninflated. An air pump is included.