MIM Safe Variocage Dog Crates - Single

MIM Safe Variocage Dog Crates - Single


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The MIM Safe Single Variocage is safe and very practical. It is designed to provide protection while leaving sufficient space for other cargo. The MIM Safe Single Variocage is available in 4 sizes.

Crash Tested

The MIM Safe Variocage is the only crash-test certified and approved dog crate on the market and the most rigorously tested and proven dog transport crate in the world. It has been crash tested for performance in both front and rear collisions. It has also been subjected to a drop test that simulates a vehicle rollover. The crash tests were conducted by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. In all cases, the MIM Safe Variocage outperformed all other cages on the market and met or exceeded the safety standards applied by the testing organization.

The manufacturer, MIM Safe, has developed over 350 crash-tested safety products for the automotive industry and employs a large team of safety engineers to ensure the quality of every product.

For more information on safety and testing, refer to these PDF files:

What Makes the MIM Safe Variocage the Safest Crate Available?

A properly engineered crash-tested dog crate needs to absorb front, rear, and rollover impacts while maintaining its integrity to keep your dog safely contained and to avoid danger to human occupants in the vehicle.

The MIM Safe Variocage is made out of ASTM A366 steel. Other crates are made out of wire mesh, plastic, or aluminum; materials that do not provide the same level of protection, durability, or strength as steel. In addition, when these types of crates break in a crash (the welds on wire crates are particularly fragile), the materials can cause puncture wounds or lacerations. In addition, your dog can escape from a broken crate (and the car) or become a flying object.

Your car is designed with crumple zones. These crumple zones are strategically engineered to slow down the energy generated in an accident and divert it away from the passenger compartment, thus reducing the risk of injury occupants. The MIM Safe Variocage works the same way; the front and back compress slightly, in a controlled manner, to keep your dog safely contained, limit the impact experienced by your dog, and prevent the crate from breaking through the back seat or breaking apart. Crash testing has shown that a rigid crate can be dangerous to both your dog and the human occupants of the car during a collision.

The MIM Safe Variocage is angled to match the vehicle's rear seat.

A very important feature missing from other crates is the MIM Safe Variocage's rear scape hatch. This allows you to remove your dog from the vehicle after a collision in the event the front door of the crate or the vehicle hatch will not open or if your keys are unavailable.

The MIM Safe Variocage is adjustable so you can adjust its length to compensate for differences in vehicle cargo areas. This is a great advantage if you change vehicles. The cages are also absolutely silent—there's no rattling or other noises—and the placement of the bars allows better visibility for the driver than with other types of crates. The quality of the Variocages is incredible; they are designed to last a lifetime. 


  • Only crash-tested dog crate rated using government safety standards: ISO 27955, ECE R-17, ECE R-44, SPCT
  • Perfect track record of safety for over a decade
  • Emergency rear escape hatch for added safety if front crate door can't be opened
  • Built-in crumple zone absorbs impact
  • Locking doors with gas hydraulic motion springs
  • Built-in key lock for security
  • Padlock mounting tabs if you want added protection
  • High-quality powder-coated steel construction
  • Installs easily in car with load-tested tie-down straps (included) secured to cargo anchor points
  • No modification to vehicle required

  Important Shipping Notes:

  • MIM Safe Variocages are shipped directly from the distributor in New York via UPS. This item cannot be expedited or shipped by other carriers, and it cannot be shipped outside the U.S. Any other items you order will be shipped separately from the Clean Run offices.
  • MIM Safe Variocages are shipped unassembled.

Ordering the Right Variocage

To help you select the right MIM Safe Variocage for your vehicle and dog, please refer to the following PDF files:

Please note that the length of the crates can be adjusted for the size of your cargo area, so a minimum and maximum length is listed for each size on the dimensions sheet.


Clean Run wants you to be happy with your new MIM Safe Variocage. Although we have provided detailed instructions on measuring your car and your dog to select the most appropriate crate, we realize that sometimes things just don't work out the way you had planned. If you would like to return your Variocage, you must contact Clean Run within 30 days of receipt. You will be responsible for all return shipping costs as well as a 20% restocking fee (unless there is a manufacturer's defect or unless Clean Run sent the incorrect product). Please also note that Variocages are very difficult to re-pack and return without damage, so it's worthwhile to spend some time reading the measuring instructions carefully. You can also contact customer service if you have any questions.

If you do decided to return your crate, it must be returned directly to Clean Run. Click here for instructions. We will not be responsible for misdirected crates. 


The MIM Safe Variocages are guaranteed for two (2) years from date of purchase. To be covered by the warranty, the defect must be an original manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover any damage, misuse or modifications by consumers nor does it cover damage from animals, drops, falls, or impacts.

MIM Safe Variocages are not made of stainless steel, but all parts are anti-rust treated. The manufacturer does not warranty the product against rust or corrosion nor are the cages recommended for use in harsh environments.

The manufacturer’s obligation under warranty shall be limited to replacement of defective parts or components. Warranty claims must be in writing and must include a copy of the original purchase receipt.

Returns for warranty repair require approval from 4x4 North America and an RMA number. Call 310-310-5891 or email: info@4x4northamerica.com.