Markers - Spectrum Vinyl 5 in. Spots - Set of 36

Markers - Spectrum Vinyl 5 in. Spots - Set of 36




Circle marks the spot!

These flexible and durable vinyl spot markers are 5" in diameter and are sequentially printed with a number from 1 to 36. The other side of the marker is blank. 

Spot markers are very useful for agility training. They are ideal for marking handling spots (for example: where to stand, where to turn), marking boundaries, marking exercise stations, using as targets, and more. These markers can be used indoors or outdoors, and are washable. Some circle markers are made out of a very thin vinyl that is subject to tearing, but these markers are made out of 2/16" vinyl and weigh 1.2 oz.each.

Packaging: Set of 36 in primary colors: 6 - blue, 6 - green, 6 - orange, 6 - purple, 6 - red, and 6 - yellow.