12/2006—December 2006 Digital Edition

12/2006—December 2006 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Nancy Gyes presents exercises based on the letter "V" to help you learn to handle 270s, Sue Gaulke explains the 13 ways to handle "AgiliJitters," a groups of trainers discusses what's the best position for your dog at the start line and how far from the first jump should you start your dog Debbie Gross Saunders presents the second in a two-part series on strengthening exercises for the performance dog, Allison Bryant talks about some of the factors that can contribute to a jumping problem, Terry Ryan discussed the four Ds of reinforcement, Carol Mount explains how to ensure that your dog performs well under all circumstances, Lanny Bassham teaches you how to differentiate your performance from your dog's, exercises for teaching independent tunnel entry, Deborah Jones shows you how to shape a table performance, a look at the DOCNA game called Snakes 'N Ladders, a look at agility obstacles that aren't judged (like the weather and footing), a review of the book Exercise Sourcebook 2, and more. 76 pages.


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