FitPAWS Balance Disc - 14 in.

FitPAWS Balance Disc - 14 in.




This FitPAWS Balance Disc has a 14" working surface and can be used for weight-bearing exercises, balance training, and core training for performance dogs. Changing the level of air in the disc will encourage your dog to engage different muscles to maintain balance. The micro-movements created in the body from the act of balancing will strengthen the core and limbs. Use separately or combine multiple discs (or other fitness props) to create many different exercises.

The professional-grade, heavy-duty PVC material is formulated for use with dogs, providing superior gripping and resisting damage caused by dog nails. The FitPAWS 14" Balance Disc has two training surfaces, a flat side with ribs and a textured surface with bumps for sensory stimulation. 

When not using the Balance Disc with your dog, you can use it for yourself to improve balance and joint stabilization, strengthen and tone core muscles, and encourage proper posture.

The FitPAWS 14" Balance Disc comes with a FREE training DVD. 

Note: The Balance Disc is shipped uninflated. A needle pump (sold separately) is required to inflate.