Endur-All Anti-Fatigue Formula

Endur-All Anti-Fatigue Formula



Endur-All is an all-natural formula with L-Carnitine, Inosine, and branched chain amino acids that works metabolically to improve performance and endurance capabilities, and to reduce recovery time and the accumulation of lactic acid. Endur-All is formulated to improve the performance of canine athletes, from the weekend agility enthusiast to those in the most demanding disciplines requiring work above the aerobic threshold or extended intensive exercise. All ingredients are natural and safe. Endur-All is an ergogenic formula that works with the body's normal metabolic processes to enhance cellular metabolism and energy production.

Endur-All works by converting lactic acid to glycogen, thereby both reducing lactic acid concentrations and providing glycogen as an energy source. Endur-All also promotes the utilization of fat for energy, thereby improving energy levels and performance capabilities, and stabilizing blood glucose levels. This combination helps prevent exercise-induced metabolic fatigue and tying-up. By maintaining aerobic metabolism during intense exercise, Endur-All allows canine athletes to achieve peak performance and rapid recovery.

Use the Pro-Dial system to quickly and easily give 5cc orally 30-40 minutes before the start of an event or training. Turn the dial on the syringe until the lead edge of the dial aligns with the proper dosage mark on the plunger shaft. Uncap syringe and place tip in dog's mouth. Depress plunger until it stops. Wipe syringe tip with paper towel and recap.

Made in the USA. Click on the Ingredients tab on the left for ingredients and a guaranteed analysis.

Packaging: 15cc easy-dose oral syringe.

Ingredients: L-Carnitine HcL, Leucine/Isoleucine/Valine Amino Acid Complex, Inosine, Pantothenic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Maltodextrin.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 7.25% min
Crude Fat 0.45% min
Crude Fiber 0.35% max
Ash 0.91% max


  • Give 5cc orally 30-40 minutes before event or training
  • K-9 Units: Administer 5cc every 4 hours