Fling Thing Tennis Ball Toy

Fling Thing Tennis Ball Toy


Currently out of stock, but we expect to have it available again by March 28th.


The Fling Thing consists of a solid-core braided rope that is soft on teeth and hands and a Tuff Ball (2.5" diameter) which has super-thick natural rubber walls for extra durability and bounce but is made from non-abrasive polyester felt. The extended handle allows you to sling this toy around and fling it much farther than you can throw a tennis ball (without even touching the slobbery ball). The Fling Thing even has a foam plug insert so the toy floats for water retrieval games. 

Tuff Balls are lead-free. Besides the required surface-coating testing for lead that must be done by a third-party lab (Consumer Testing Laboratories, Inc.), the company conducts additional unrequired tests using gas chromatography and atomic absorption spectroscopy to test all of their dog toys for lead and other heavy metals. The FDA maximum acceptable lead content for surface coatings is 660ppm and the Tuff Balls tested at less than 7ppm, which is less than the lead concentration found in most tap water.

The toy is 12" long from the bottom of the ball to the tip of the handle. Available in bright rope colors; please allow us to choose for you.