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Fireworks Sound Desensitization CD

Fireworks Sound Desensitization CD




Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Do you worry when the neighborhood kids set off firecrackers? Used with counter conditioning techniques, this Fireworks CD can help your dog conquer his fireworks phobia. In addition, breeders can use this sound CD while raising litters of working puppies to help build their confidence with fireworks noises so they are less likely to be afraid as adults. Whatever your situation, give your dog fireworks confidence by using Fireworks desensitization techniques. Directions are included with the CD.

This CD is 49 minutes long and contains five tracks. This is a natural, accurate, pure digital recording of fireworks. The tracks were collected from several fireworks events and represent a variety of sounds: small firecrackers, whistlers, and large city fireworks displays with deep booms. It is digitally mastered for maximum realism. The better the sound quality, the more believable the experience, and the better the training.

Note: Sound desensitization is best used on mildly to moderately phobic dogs and under the direction of a trainer, veterinarian, or behaviorist.