Braided Beef Tripe Sticks - 06 in.

Braided Beef Tripe Sticks - 06 in.


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Beef Tripe is becoming ever more popular as a supplemental food in canine diets. As carnivores, dogs cannot convert vegetation into nutrients within their own stomach, but by eating tripe they receive these nutrients from the grasses and grains that have already been processed naturally by the cow's stomach. Also present within tripe are naturally occurring gastric juices, amino acids, and other digestive enzymes not found in other foods in your dog's diet. These gastric juices and enzymes aid dogs in digestion to efficiently use food for maximum nutrition. Amino acids are necessary for muscular development and gastric juices are excellent cleaners for teeth.

Braided Tripe Sticks are a healthy, light, and crunchy chew. They are not designed to be a long-lasting chew, but rather a way of adding tripe to your dog's diet. These braided sticks are approximately 1.5" wide and 6" long.

This tripe is not bleached. It is a natural product and may vary in color from what is pictured to a very dark brown. A bovine has four stomachs and the chambers have varying colors.

Made in India.