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02/2012—February 2012 Printed Magazine

02/2012—February 2012 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Dr. I Martin Levy explains what you need to know about a torn meniscus, Kathleen Alles presents a step-by-step program for training the table, Dawn Weaver examines the pros and cons of running contacts vs. stopped contacts, Sally Silverman looks at what factors are influencing the design of agility courses in the U.S., a tax accountant explains write-offs for hobbies and tax businesses, Donna Somers asks how much of a handicap are you giving your dog, Dr. Audrey DeClue discusses conditioning the canine athlete and when to start training, Linda Mecklenburg provides exercises to test your handling skills, Julia Lane looks at cross-training for confidence, Rachel Sanders discusses stays, Kathy Keats looks at goal setting, Leslie McDevitt offers solutions for dogs that disconnect from you in the ring, and much more! 68 pages.

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