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Kennel Gear 1-Quart Pail

Kennel Gear 1-Quart Pail




The Kennel Gear Pail System comes with a stainless steel pail and kennel bar mount system, which allows you to attach the pail to kennels, crates, ex-pens, or chain link fences. Featuring an ingenious latching system, once the pail is attached and locked in place, it provides a secure watering area for your dog—no more bowls tipping over or getting played with.

The pail is very easy to install. To mount the pail on an ex-pen or crate, simply attach the back plate and the pail-mounting plate with the supplied thumbscrews. Flip open the paw-proof lock and slide your dog's pail into the mount. When the pail is in place, the lock will automatically close. To remove the pail, simply release the paw-proof lock and lift the pail out of the mount. Dishwasher safe for cleaning.

Holds 1 quart. Made to last a lifetime! Universal mounting system works with other sizes of Kennel Gear Pails.