03/2006—March 2006 Digital Edition

03/2006—March 2006 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: top agility handlers share advice for improving your ability to memorize courses, in the third article of a multiple-part series Linda Mecklenburg explains how to introduce motion into your jump foundation training, Susan Garrett discusses bringing out your dog's true potential, Stuart and Pati Mah look how to decide when a V-set is the right maneuver, Terry Ryan looks at the problems that using aversives in training can cause, ideas for training handlers and dogs that the startline is not to be dreaded, making sure your dog is protected if you get to the Rainbow Bridge before him, making the decision to have a total knee replacement, Debbie Saunders talks about stretching and strengthening the lumber spine and pelvic area, Nancy Gyes shows you how to teach your dog to find the line with "L" drills, Amanda Nelson explains how to use gates to teach your dog to wrap, Chris Zink looks at what kind of exercise is right for getting your dog in shape for agility, and much more. 96 pages.


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