06/2012—June 2012 Printed Magazine

06/2012—June 2012 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Tracy Sklenar explains why dogs sniff in agility and what you can do about it, Lee Windeatt shares proofing exercises that will teach you dog to weave independently and that are fun as well, Sally Silverman discusses safety measures for driving with your dog, Dr. Audrey DeClue outlines new and common therapies for treating injuries in the canine athlete, Dawn Weaver shows us how to make our agility training and competitive experiences positive and enjoyable for our dogs, Rachel Sanders puts up exercises to teach the dog how to exit a straight tunnel in the direction you want, Leslie McDevitt shares Control Unleashed exercises for dogs that are shy and overwhelmed at agility trials, Linda Mecklenburg provides more drills to improve your skills, Stuart Mah puts up exercises that allow our dogs to learn common jumping patterns, Dr. Deva Khalsa discusses supplementation for the performance dog, Laura Manchester Derrett analyzes a jumping course designed by an Australian judge, and much more! 68 pages.

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