07/2012—July 2012 Printed Magazine

07/2012—July 2012 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Pat Paterson discusses the road back into the ring after joint replacement surgery, Tracy Sklenar discusses self-control training for the over-aroused dog, Jen Pinder shares her program for training the chute, Karen Holik and Eric Bobkowski begin a series on footwork for agility, Juliet Franzen shares stories about running dogs that aren't motivated or physically built for agility, Dawn Weaver shows us how to help our dogs learn to stay at the start line and hold their contacts, Anne Stocum discusses the differences between running big dogs and small dogs, Michele Godlevski explains the Virtual Agility League, Kathy Keats focuses on reading the course correctly and remembering it, Nancy Gyes puts up exercises that should be part of your regular jump skills training, Rachel Sanders show us how to get our dogs comfortable with being handled and maneuvered by their collars, and much more! 68 pages.

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