08/2012—August 2012 Printed Magazine

08/2012—August 2012 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Karen Holik and Eric Bobkowski discuss footwork for rear crosses, Dawn Weaver looks at start-line positioning and lead-out pivots, Jen Pinder explains how to use the Pre-Bang Game and the Bang Game to improve your seesaw training and solve problems, Tracy Sklenar offers advice on bridging the gap between training and competition, Leslie McDevitt, shares CU exercises that can be useful for stopping barking in agility, Emma Francis discusses how to avoid dog-on-dog conflicts while waiting for your turn in agility class, Rachel Sanders shares exercises to help novice dogs load and stay in the weave poles, Greg Derrett analyzes an international agility course, Susan Salo looks at how body language and movement impacts our dogs' jumping performances, Kathy Keats examines the problems of obsessing and overanalyzing, Stuart Mah explains how to use virtual obstacle focus to get your dog to the correct obstacle, Sally Silverman interviews Karen Holik, and Linda Mecklenburg offers up Awesome Paws Drills focused on how to cue either side of a jump, and much more! 68 pages.

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