10/2012—October 2012 Printed Magazine

10/2012—October 2012 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Karen Holik and Eric Bobkowski provide exercises for improving handler speed; Tracy Sklenar helps owners of dogs that value socializing more than agility; Dawn Weaver discusses some of the pros and cons of using false turns; Brenna Fender covers various options for natural outdoor agility footing; Linda Mecklenburg gives an update on early takeoff syndrome; Leslie McDevitt explains how to get the "sticky" dog out of stalk mode and into thinking mode; Kathleen Alles shares exercises for proofing your table performance; Greg Derrett analyzes a course from the 2012 World Agility Open; Kathy Keats discusses how to weather successes and failures; Rachel Sanders shares tips for using your walkthrough time wisely, Linda Mecklenburg provides drills that will challenge you to perform a variety of cue combinations, Stuart Mah provides a training game designed to teaching handlers the skill of being aware and adapting to changes on course; Sally Silverman interviews Stuart Mah; and much more! 68 pages.

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