11/2012—November 2012 Printed Magazine

11/2012—November 2012 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Carol Mount shares tips to help your dog make those really difficult entries in competition; Tracy Sklenar looks at how to approach training the worried dog to enjoy agility; Dawn Weaver explains the use of Ketschker Turns; Rachel Sanders helps us understand different choices for lead-outs; Julie Bacon provides ideas for modifying trianing for a dog that has recovered from an injury; Nicole Levesque shows how the ideas from the book The Four Agreements can be used to help you in agility and life; Karen Holik and Eric Bobkowski share a 2-minute warm-up routine that you can do before your agility run without even leaving the comfort of your chair; Nancy Gyes explores a different type of discrimination training, Sally Silverman interviews Jeannette Hutchison; Elaine Coupé discusses being a good student; Laura Manchester Derrett analyzes a 2012 UKI Masters Heat course; Kathy Keats looks at persistence and determination; and much more! 68 pages.

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