12/2012—December 2012 Printed Magazine

12/2012—December 2012 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Nancy Gyes discusses what's new with front crosses; Carole Williams investigates how gait analysis can help improve performance and help diagnose early lameness; Tracy Sklenar explains the importance of teaching our dogs to be resilient to failure; Lisa Barrett shares how the handler of a deaf dog conquered distance training; Stuart Mah presents 30-second drills for practicing multiple wraps from a jump to a tunnel; Kathy Keats concludes her Agility Mind Gym series; Linda Mecklenburg puts up drills with a U-shaped tunnel; Sally Silverman interviews successful handler Maureen Waldron; Rachel Sanders explains how to develop a training plan to solve an agility problem; Elaine Coupé discusses how to be a good student; Brenna Fender explores the question of whether a dog's gender matters in terms of being a successful agility dog; Leslie McDevitt looks at how to apply Control Unleashed training when a dog becomes overly excited as they enter the ring and see another dog running; Sally Silversman shares 10 games to play with dogs recovering from an injury, and more! 68 pages.

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