Julius K9 Y-Belt for Harnesses

Julius K9 Y-Belt for Harnesses


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This comfortable, cushioned Y-Belt can be easily added to your Julius-K9 Power Harness or IDC Harness to keep the chest strap of the harness in an optimal position and distribute pressure evenly. The Julius-K9 Y-Belt uses Velcro to attach to your harness's chest belt and girth belt. It's an excellent accessory for training and when using a K-9 Julius Harness as a car harness or a pulling harness.

The Y-Belt is also recommended for use while your young dog is growing (because his chest is narrower than it will be when he's an adult) as well as for dogs that are Houdinis when it comes to slipping out of harnesses.

The Julius-K9 Y-Belt comes in 3 sizes. Select the one that is the same size as your Julius K-9 Power Harness or IDC Harness.

Note: Harness not included.