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Foundations Fun DVD

Foundations Fun DVD



Subtitle: Agility Is Just Another Game
Author: Silvia Trkman
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes
Release Date: 2013

The Foundations Fun! DVD was inspired by Silvia's foundation class students and covers all the topics discussed in class—everything from an introduction to agility elements to building amazing foundation skills. You'll learn about the foundations necessary for

  • Perfect turns
  • Great distance
  • Sends-aways
  • Speed
  • Commitment
  • Obstacle discrimination
  • Come to hand
  • Obstacle and handler focus
  • Extension and collection
  • Stays
  • Serpentines
  • Pushes
  • Threadles

The DVD includes tips on how to reward and how to put it all together into courses and take it to trials, while keeping everything fun, fun, fun.

About the Author
Silvia Trkman has been in agility since 1992. She is a 21-time national champion of Slovenia, with five different dogs of three different breeds, and a 14-time World Team member, with five different dogs. Silvia has won the FCI Agility World Championships three times, with two different dogs. She is a four-time European Open winner with four different dogs, and she has been on 18 World Teams with two or more dogs. Her training methods are best known for producing fast, happy, and healthy dogs, tight turns and, of course, running contacts.