06/2013—June 2013 Printed Magazine

06/2013—June 2013 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Sandy Rogers discusses the things you need to think about before adding a cue or modifying your handling system, Nancy Gyes explains how to train serpentines, Daisy Peel covers training skills you can work on in 10-minute periods, Dawn Weaver helps us understand why your dog might be turning wide and what you can do to improve it, Liz Pope and Julia Robertson look at appropriate exercise for puppies, Susan Salo continues her series on foundation jumping, Lorrie Reynolds helps us work on independent weave pole performance at a distance, Linda Mecklenburg shares new drills, Stuart Mah puts up exercises to work on getting better wrap turns, Lauren Langman continues her ultimate instructors series, Dr. Julie Mayer discusses sacrotuberous ligament tension in dogs, Deidre Crofton breaks down an AKC Excellent course in the Judge's Debriefing, and more! 68 pages.

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