07/2013—July 2013 Printed Magazine

07/2013—July 2013 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Dawn Weaver shows handling positions for various maneuvers with a description of what the physical cues mean to the dog, Dr. Kimberly Hennerman explains how thermal imaging can help diagnosis soft tissue injuries and potential problems in your dog, Jo Sermon puts a twist on the channel method of training weave poles, Sandy Rogers explains how to teach your dog where he should be focusing and for how long, Juliet Franzen looks at ways for handlers to overcome stress and focus better in the agility ring, Lorrie Reynolds helps teach your dog to perform common jumping patterns independently, Nancy Gyes puts up serpentine drills to challenge our skills, Lisa Henshaw and Jim Hull share plans for making 2x2 weave poles, Daisy Peel covers training skills you can work on in 10-minute periods, Silvia Trkman discusses whether talking on course affects our dog's performance negatively, Frankie Joiris helps us choose the right instructor for our team, Deb Hunt breaks down an AKC Excellent Jumpers with Weaves course in the Judge's Debriefing, and more! 68 pages.

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