08/2013—August 2013 Printed Magazine

08/2013—August 2013 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Nancy Gyes teaches threadle skills, Ashley Deacon gives practical advice on creating realistic goals in agility, Laura Manchester-Derrett explains why lead-out pivots are useful and how to teach them to your dog, Lorrie Reynolds demonstrates how to teach your dog to turn away from you at a distance, Kathy Keats discusses video apps for agility analysis, Sandra Rogers looks at whether agility and competing have to go hand in hand, Nancy Steele shares healty recipes for fueling your mind and body at trials, Daisy Peel looks at cue combinations that may cause your dog's response to collection cues to be dulled, Linda Mecklenburg puts up Awesome Paws drills, Jan Manning discusses the importance of treating dog bites, Stuart Mah presents more 30-second drills for agility classes, Debbie Gross explains how you can help prevent injuries if your dog has a straight front, Dr. Julie Mayer explains how antioxidants and adaptogens can help combat the effects of stress, Sally Silverman interview Ann Braue, Lisa Jarvis breaks down a USDAA Team Jumpers course in the Judge's Debriefing, and more! 68 pages.

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