K9FITvest Level 1 Weights, 2 Pack

K9FITvest Level 1 Weights, 2 Pack




Important! Before beginning this or any physical activity with your dog, ensure he or she is in good health. A trip to your vet is a great way to start off on the right paw and reduce risk of injury. If your dog has had or is experiencing back or hip issues, do not use the K9FITvest with weights. Please seek professional guidance to help rehabilitate your dog.

K9FITvest weights were designed to add resistance to your dog's daily activity and exercise programs in a safe and effective manner. You simply insert the weights into the compartments of the vest, which are positioned to align on either side of your dog's spine. K9 Gym Gear highly recommends starting your dog with these Level 1 weights. Do not progress to Level 2 weights until your dog is ready.

When using weights, the K9FITvest should not to be worn for long periods of time and the dog should not be left unattended. Start with 5-10 minutes and build up to 30 minutes by adding just a few minutes every other day. The weights come with instructions for the Level 1 fitness program. In addition, videos are available at dogtread.com/k9-fitvest-programs/.

Purchase the weight size that corresponds with your dog's vest size.  

Packaging: You will receive 2 weights for the price shown on the right. The K9FITvest is sold separately.