09/2013—September 2013 Printed Magazine

09/2013—September 2013 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Laura Manchester-Derrett explains the what, when, and where of good reinforcement, Ashley Deacon gives advice on balancing training, competition, and your mental game, Dawn Weaver looks at cues that affect your dog's acceleration on course, Susan Salo continues her series on foundation jumping, Stephen McKay provides help on preparing shy dogs for agility class, Sandra Rogers discusses overcoming disappointment in competition, Silvia Trkman shares her method for dealing with a dog's fears, Daisy Peel helps you work on pushing your dog to the backside of a jump, Nancy Gyes puts up threadle drills, Sally Silverman talks to Lisa Kucharski, Dr. Julie Mayer examines biceps tendonitis injuries and prevention, Jan Manning shares Halloween agility games for your club, Carla Simon breaks down a Canadian Jumpers course in the Judge's Debriefing, and more! 68 pages.

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