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TugAway Mesh N Bunny Training Tug Dog Toy

TugAway Mesh N Bunny Training Tug Dog Toy




The TugAway Mesh N Bunny Training Tug is handmade in Wisconsin from real rabbit fur and includes a Velcro treat pouch. It's a great toy for teasing and enticing puppies and teaching hard-to-motivate dogs to play and tug. Drag the toy on the ground and the "legs" of the toy will flip and flop around to excite your dog.

One of the three legs include an extra-tough woven mesh Velcro treat pouch that is approx. 7.25" x 3.25". This mesh isn't as open as the fabric used in other mesh food pouches so the dog has to bite down harder to get his reward. The other two legs are approx. 8" long and made from squares of rabbit fur folded over nylon webbing and sewn. The three legs are linked together on a small bungee ring so that there's a little bit of flex when the dog tugs with the toy.

The handle of the TugAway Mesh N Bunny Training Tug is made from 1" wide soft-touch nylon and is 24" long. The overall length of the toy is approx. 35".

Handmade in Wisconsin. Available in assorted natural fur, nylon, and mesh colors; please allow us to choose for you.

Note: Food-stuffable toys are intended to be interactive toys that are always used in supervised play and training. Because your dog will desperately want to eat what's inside, these toys should never be left unattended with the dog.