10/2013—October 2013 Printed Magazine

10/2013—October 2013 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Nancy Gyes demonstrates how to use "post work" as well as her incremental "Got 270" training program and one-jump "back-of-the-jump work" to teach your dog reliable, independent 270 skills, Dawn Weaver explains how and why to shape the agility obstacles, Sandra Rogers teaches us how to get the most from the dog we have, Ashley Deacon discusses the use of visualization as part of your agility preparation, Jamie McKay answers the question "What is drive," Kimber Chase shares the best stretches for weekend warriors, Lorri Reynolds helps us work on obstacle discrimination at a distance, Ann Croft explains run-outs and refusal, Daisy Peel shows us how to keep our dogs engaged while waiting for our turn to run, Linda Mecklenburg puts up exercises to work on 180s, Stuart Mah shares a game designed to help hone our Snooker skills, Sally Silverman interviews Ashley Deacon, Ann Croft breaks down a USDAA Grand Prix course in the Judge's Debriefing, and more! 68 pages.

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