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Krinkle and Squeak Newspaper Toys

Krinkle and Squeak Newspaper Toys


$1.95 - $2.95

The Krinkle and Squeak Newspaper will give your dog lots of soft, krinkley fun. This toy has squeakers and is stuffed with a krinkle material that makes a unique rustling noise similar to cellophane being balled up. Lots of dogs, especially puppies, find this noise very intriguing. To truly appreciate this toy, watch the product video.

Regardless of which size you choose, the toy squashes down to less than .25 in thickness when the dog chomps on it. It's extremely lightweight and easy even for small dogs to carry around.

This is just one of those silly toys that dogs find motivating and amusing. You can even do gentle tugging with it.

Available in 2 sizes:

Size Dimensions No. of Squeakers
Small 7"L x 3"W 2
Large 10"L x 4"W 3