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Beanie Braided Fringbee Ring Tugs

Beanie Braided Fringbee Ring Tugs




Beanie Braided Fringbees are a fun ring-type tug toy that dogs go crazy over. Plus as an added benefit, Fringbees are designed so you can throw them like a Frisbee. They aren't intended for long flight, but rather 20' or less to allow for controlled placement of reward.

Fringbees are constructed from vinyl tubing with a special thin-seal wrapping for added cushioning. Then they're double-wrapped in high-quality fleece that's sewn with heavy-duty thread. All fringe is double-knotted. The end result is a toy that has some structure (so you can toss it accurately), yet it's flexible and soft on the dog's mouth.

Handmade in the USA.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 5" diameter
  • 9" diameter

You choose the size; please allow us to choose the colors for you.