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Dog Games Fleece-Lined Leashes - Solid Colors

Dog Games Fleece-Lined Leashes - Solid Colors




Is the handle of your leash rough on your hands? Do the edges of the nylon cut into your hand and fingers when your dog pulls? Would you rather have a nice, soft, comfortable leash with a fleece-lined handle and fleece-lined edges, making the leash a pleasure to hold while you walk your dog?

Our high-quality Fleece-Lined Leashes are made in England. A layer of top-quality, non-pilling fleece is sandwiched between two lengths of nylon webbing and then sewn together to give you the strength of a regular lead with the comfort of fleece. The nylon is 15/16" wide. With the fleece edges, the total width of the leash is 1.25".

All leashes are made with black nylon webbing, except for the brown fleece leash, which is made with brown webbing. There's a D-ring on the handle so you can clip the leash around your waist when you have your dog off-lead.

These Fleece-Lined Leashes are 1.5 meters long, which is equivalent to 59" or 4.92'.

Machine-washable at low temperatures.