Dog Games Original Fleece-Lined Dog Harness - High Visibility Colors

Dog Games Original Fleece-Lined Dog Harness - High Visibility Colors


$35.99 - $44.99

Made in England, this is the Original Fleece-Lined Harness, which was designed in 2004 by canine consultant and behaviorist Sally Hopkins of Dog Games. This harness is frequently recommended by vets, chiropractors, TTouch practitioners, dog trainers, and behaviorists from around the world. Be aware of imitations made with lesser quality fleece and webbing, poor stitching, and a design that doesn't fit the dogs as well as this one. 

Every part of the Dog Games Original Fleece-Lined Harness is covered in top-quality fleece—even the girth strap, which sits just behind the dog's front legs. The fleece padding makes the harness straps wide and comfortable for the dog to wear, and also distributes the dog's weight over a wide area to prevent chaffing on any part of his body. Strips of strong elastic hold the padding on the girth strap in the correct position and also prevent the adjusters/sliders from moving once the harness has been correctly fitted on the dog. The fleece on the girth strap is black to match the webbing, so it's difficult to see in the photos.

The Original Fleece-Lined Harness is easy to put on and take off. There are two clips on the girth strap (either side of the D-ring) so that the harness can be clipped around the dog's body without the dog having to lift or move his legs in any way. This is much simpler and kinder for both human and dog!

The Original Fleece-Lined Harness offers a superb and comfortable fit for all different sizes and shapes of dogs without restricting freedom of shoulder movement in any way. It is made with high-quality strong webbing and clips that are designed to cope with strong dogs. In addition, the D-ring used is solid rather than pressed together. This harness is machine washable at a low temperature. Do not tumble dry.

The Original Fleece-Lined Harness is particularly suitable for dogs with

  • Sensitive skin
  • Eye problems caused by intraocular pressure
  • Tracheal disorders
  • Syringomyelia
  • Dogs with neck or back problems

For a fleece-lined leash to match this harness, see Fleece-Lined Leashes.

What size harness does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure Your Dog: Using a flexible measuring tape, measure from just behind your dog's front legs all the way around him. You are measuring the circumference of the body just behind the front legs, the girth, like measuring a person for a belt. Select one of the sizes below based on that measurement. To assure the best fit for your dog's shape, your dog's girth size should not be at the extreme end of the range give for a particular harness size; for example, if your dog's girth measurement is 22", you will get the best fit from a Size 3 harness than a Size 2.

When trying the harness on your dog for the first time, adjust the buckles and lengths of the various straps until the harness fits snugly, but not too tight! To make sure that the harness is fitting correctly, place three fingers flat against your dog's body, underneath the girth strap (like testing a horse's girth).

Size Girth inches Girth centimeters
0 11" - 15" 28 - 38 cm
1 15" - 18" 38 - 46 cm
2 15" - 22"  38 - 56 cm
3 17" - 24" 43 - 61 cm
4 19" - 26" 48 - 66 cm
5 21" - 30" 53 - 77 cm
6 24" - 35" 61 - 89 cm

Click here for a detailed chart with recommended sizing for different breeds.