Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Harness System: Part 1 - Girth Strap

Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Harness System: Part 1 - Girth Strap


$13.99 - $21.99

Made in England, the Perfect Fit is a modular system which allows you to create a fleece-lined harness that is perfectly fitted to your dog. A Perfect Fit Harness is constructed from 3 individual pieces—top, front, and girth—which clip together to make a complete harness. Because you can pick a different size for each piece, you can fit ALL sizes and shapes of dogs, including "tripawd" dogs who have lost a front limb. If you have a puppy, you can order an extra piece(s) in a different size to accommodate his growth. Each piece is covered in top-quality fleece. 

Besides the D-ring on the top piece, there is a D-ring on the front piece so you can use a double-ended leash and have two points of connection on the dog to improve "steering" and reduce pulling.

Step 1: Select Your Girth Strap

What size girth piece does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.


Steps 2 & 3: Once you have selected your girth strap, you need to select a front piece and a top piece to complete your Perfect Fit Harness.

There are three widths of webbing in the Perfect Fit system with appropriately sized buckles and clips. Within each size of webbing, there are different sizes of girth pieces.

15mm (.59" wide) Webbing Girth Straps
For small dogs that do not pull

Size Inches Cm
XS 12-1/2 - 15-3/4 32-40
S 15-3/4 - 19-1/2 40-50
M 19-1/4 - 23-1/4 49-59

20mm (.78" wide) Webbing Girth Straps
For small dogs that pull, medium dogs, and large dogs.

Size Inches Cm
S 17-3/4 - 21-1/2 45-55
M 20-3/4 - 25-1/2 53-65
L 24-1/4 - 29-1/2 62-75
XL 29-1/4" - 33-3/4 74-86

40mm (1.57" wide) Webbing
For very strong pullers, large dogs, and giant breeds.

Size Inches Cm
M 25-1/4 - 33-1/2 64-85
L 29-1/4 -36-1/2 74-93
XL 33-1/2 - 41-3/4 85-106
XXL 36-1/2 - 48 93-122

How to Measure Your Dog
Using a flexible measuring tape, measure snugly about 2" behind your dog’s front legs all the way around him. You are measuring the circumference of his body, the girth, like measuring a person for a belt. Be sure that your dog is standing squarely.

Look up your dog's girth measurement in the webbing size range that you have determined is appropriate for your dog. There may be more than one choice of girth strap for your dog. For example, if your dog’s girth is 30", either a 40mm Medium or Large will fit him. The larger size girth strap will have a large area of fleece padding on it and is likely to be the better choice. You can also consult the breed chart for a girth sizing recommendation.

Click here to refer to the Perfect Fit Harness Selection Guide for girth size recommendations for different breeds and types of dogs as well as guidelines for which size top piece and front piece to purchase. If the breed chart recommends one size up from what your girth measurement gives you, we recommend going with the larger girth strap to ensure there is enough fleece padding on the strap to protect your dog's skin.

"I believe this front clip harness to be the VERY BEST I have ever found. I also ordered the Balance harness which was the #1 pick of WDJ. It doesn't even compare to the fit and comfort that your harness offers. I tell people that the Perfect Fit modular fleece harness is like a tailored suit for my little guy. Everyone comments on what a nice looking harness it is. I can't explain how, but I can tell my dog likes it better that the other harnesses. Anyway, it is an awesome harness. I just donated all the other harnesses that I bought to the Humane Society. Thanks to the person that I consulted with when I initially placed my order over the phone."  —Peg M.