Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Harness System: Part 2 - Front Piece

Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Harness System: Part 2 - Front Piece




Made in England, the Perfect Fit is a modular system which allows you to create a fleece-lined harness that is perfectly fitted to your dog.

A Perfect Fit Harness is constructed from 3 individual pieces—top, front, and girth—which clip together to make a complete harness. Because you can pick a different size for each piece, you can fit ALL sizes and shapes of dogs, including "tripawd" dogs who have lost a front limb. If you have a puppy, you can order an extra piece(s) in a different size to accommodate his growth. Each piece is covered in top-quality fleece just like the Original Fleece-Lined Harness. 

Besides the D-ring on the top piece, there is a D-ring on the front piece so you can use a double-ended leash and have two points of connection on the dog to improve "steering" and reduce pulling.

Step 2: Select Your Front Piece

The front piece you select should be made from the SAME SIZE webbing as the girth strap you chose in Step 1 (15mm, 20mm or 40mm). Within each webbing size, there are different sizes of front pieces. To determine which size you need, click here to consult the Perfect Fit Harness Selection Guide.

NOTE: The XS front piece is the same size as the Small front piece, but the shoulder straps are shorter and they are not adjustable. The XS is designed for young and adolescent dogs whose shoulders have not yet developed.

Step 3: To complete your Perfect Fit Harness, next purchase a top piece.