08/2014—August 2014 Printed Magazine

08/2014—August 2014 Printed Magazine


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A few of the features: Mary Ellen Barry explains the tandem turn, Janita Leinonen and Jaakko Suoknuuti of Finland discuss the importance of the three Cs (connect, commit, cue), Amanda Shyne presents exercises for teaching your dog a moving down, Nancy Gyes discusses training contact/tunnel obstacle discriminations, Ace Russell shares his 4x4 weave pole training program, Jenni Shelegy looks at turning dogs tightly out of tunnels and chutes, Daisy Peel shares exercises to help you handle your dog around the obstacles without taking them, Dr. Sherman O. Canapp and Dr. Brittany Jean Carr discuss regenerative medicine for softy tissue injuries in agility dogs, Jan Manning continues her series on agility clubs, Kathy Keats continues her series on perfect timing, Sally Silverman interview Kathrine McAleese who works with handlers to eliminate their mental gremlins, and Carol Lynn Evans breaks down an AKC Excellent Standard course, and more! 68 pages.

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