Buddy Pouch Magnetic Storage Pouch - Regular

Buddy Pouch Magnetic Storage Pouch - Regular




The patented Buddy Pouch is a clip and belt-free, lightweight, multi-purpose pouch that magnetically connects to the waistband of any pants or shorts. The pouch can carry dog treats, cell phones, keys, waste bags, inhalers, EpiPens, passports and IDs, and whatever else you can fit in it.

The Buddy Pouch features two pockets, including an inside water-resistant pocket, to keep your phone or any other item dry from sweat or rain. It is made with Dri-Fit material for comfort. The strong magnets provide a secure, bounce-free hold, but will not interfere with or damage cell phones or other personal electronic media devices.

Perfect for training your dog, hiking, traveling, and more!

Size is 6"W x 4.5"H.