Carnivore Cookies Energy Biscuits

Carnivore Cookies Energy Biscuits



Carnivore Cookies were the first sports energy biscuit developed for dogs. They don't just taste good, they're also good for your dog! With a smell and taste that entices even finicky or stressed dogs, Canivore Cookies offer power-packed nutrition on the go. Give to the performance dog before, during, and after exercise to boost energy.

Based on a low glycemic wild diet rich in Omega-3s, antioxidants, and vital natural nutrients, Carnivore Cookies are an easily-digested, power-packed snack. They are moist enough to easily break up into small pieces if you don't want to feed them whole. You can also use Carnivore Cookies to jump-start a finicky or stressed dog's appetite, or to boost a dog that's recovering from an illness or surgery.

And in K9 Power's new recipe, they have doubled the amount of real chicken and tripled the amount of egg; both excellent and easily digestible proteins.

Made in the USA. Click on the Ingredients tab on the left for ingredients and a guaranteed analysis.

Packaging: 2 lb. jar which contains approximately 39 cookies.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, Molasses, Chicken, Tomato, Agave nectar, Protein Free Beef Tallow, Whole egg, Oat flakes, Dried carrot, Chicken fat, Coconut oil, Stabilized rice bran, Garlic, Water, Honey, Salt, Dried blueberry, Vanilla extract, Natural smoke flavoring, Potassium chloride, Baking powder.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 10% min
Crude Fat 20% min
Crude Fiber 5% max
Moisture 8% max
Ash <2%

Calorie Content
90  kcal ME / cookie

Feeding Guidelines
Carnivore Cookies are designed for supplemental feeding only. Give Carnivore Cookies before, during training, or after training. 

Weight of Dog Daily Serving
Under 20 lbs. 2 cookies max
20 - 50 lbs. 3 cookies max
Over 50 lbs. 4 cookies max

Give ‘Em the Good Stuff! K9-Power, in keeping with their spirit of what’s best for your dog, they upgraded the recipe for Carnivore Cookies, a longtime favorite of performance dog owners. On average a dog’s tongue has 1706 taste buds compared to the 9000 we have, so K9-Power upped the flavor with more real chicken, tomato, honey, and blueberry. They also added natural hickory smoke flavor to the cookies to give them that fresh from the barbecue aroma.

They also doubled the amount of real chicken in the recipe and tripled the amount of egg; both excellent and easily digestible proteins.  

New Additions to Carnivore Cookies

  • Carrots: Packed with vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, and B6. Carrots aren't just good for the eyes but for general well-being including a strengthened immune system. They'll also help your dog maintain strong and healthy teeth.
  • Real Blueberry Powder: An excellent source of antioxidants, selenium, zinc and iron. High in vitamins C, E, A and B complex.
  • Tomato: Tomatoes contain many healthy substances, such as Lycopene; an important antioxidant which is known to work against cancer, oxidative stress and other diseases.
  • Honey: Healthy for them especially when it comes to digestion, allergies and for boosting low energy levels.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut oil can have many health benefits for dogs: for their skin, digestive, and immune systems; metabolic function; and even their bone and brain health.
  • Chicken Fat: Chicken fat is a quality source of essential fatty acids and an excellent source of energy.  Fat has a positive effect on the immune system and plays a beneficial role in stress response.
  • Agave Nectar: Acts as a prebiotic replaces Fructose in recipe as a sweetener.
  • Natural Hickory Smoke Extract: Adds aroma to the treat increasing palatability.